Building your dream home

For St John Ambulance 

Supporting Central Otago

About the project.


St John is most commonly associated with our ambulance service. Ambulance officers are both paid and voluntary. St John volunteers come from all walks and life and we welcome enquiries at any time.

Each year, local volunteers commit thousands of hours to providing essential first responder services for our local community. The time has now come for St John to build a new state of the art Ambulance station, that will service the Central Otago region. 

That's where St John need your help. Rotary and Lions have teamed up to build a dream home for someone, with the goal of the profits from the sale going towards the new Ambulance station. Our goal is to raise $200,000. 

The house will be built on Lot 47, Prospectors Park, Cromwell.

With the support of local tradesmen, businesses & the community we hope to build this home with as little cost as possible, so that St John can gain the best result. If you're interested in finding out more about this amazing project or are interested in supporting us, please get in touch!

Progress update.

The new Ambulance station is complete and is currently in full operation, if you have not have the change to check it out, we recommend popping past for a look, it looks great. The build, which cost between $3.2million and $3.5million — was the result of three years of hard work and fundraising by St John and the community. Built to Impact Level 4 (IL4), the 574sqm hub was designed to withstand a significant seismic event and still be able to function as a hub for ambulance services.


It now houses the area’s two ambulances as well as 24 fulltime, casual and volunteer staff.

The house being built at Lot 47, 11 Searle Lane Prospector Park is due for completion in early-mid October 2021 and will be marketed for 5-6 weeks then auctioned by Edinburgh Realty for sale in mid November. 

Our goal is to have the sale settled and our funds raised In the bank and to St John before Christmas. 

Check out the latest progress images below, if this house is for you, stay tuned for the market release once complete!

Fact Sheets.

Learn more about our build below! You can find information on the house design, the new Ambulance Station, resource contents and more! If you have any enquiries, please contact us here.

Follow the build.

We'll be sharing images below of the build as we progress with the start of the project. Keep an eye out for our photos being posted soon and follow our journey on Facebook here!