It took a team to build a house...
Here's the result!

We sold our house.


Auction 26 November 2021


Wow what a tense auction. Edinburgh Realty had 5 buyers bidding on this beautiful architecturally designed, by Jessie Sutherland of S A Studio, 3 bedroom 2 bathroom double garage home. The auctioneer started the bidding at $800,000.00.   It took a while for the buyers to start biding.   The crowd gave a cheer when the bid hit $1,000,000.00 but it didn’t stop there. With three bidders all desperately wanting this home to be theirs the hammers fell at $1,205,000.00.   This price exceeded the committee expectations.   They are thrilled that the community’s positivity, passion and hard work was recognized in the price.


Pam Hardley was very happy with her purchase and couldn’t wait to settle and move into this home the community built before Christmas.   Pam said she could feel the love, pride and positivity that was poured into this home by this community.   


Settlement of the sale of Lot 47 took place on Friday 17 December 2021.  





An amazing $824,436.88 was raised from this dream fundraising profit.   This small community punched well and truly above its weight. It just goes to show what can be achieved with the right attitude and so many doing a little bit together. Everyone involved can feel proud of what they have done for their community. When an ambulance goes by, they will know that they helped ensure St John can continue to operate, from the new station, assisting those that are vulnerable in our community, due to illness or accident.



What will the profit be spent on?


Cromwell Rotary and Lions heard all those that donated their time, expertise, skills and products to make this project such a success when they said they wanted the profits to stay in Central.  


St John shortfall on their new Station in Cromwell was $243,000.00.    Therefore, the first $243,000.00 has being given to St John.    


The Charitable Company, R & L Lot 47 Fundraiser Limited, that undertook this Lot 47 project will continue with Doreen Evans and Garry Morton representing Rotary and Lions as well as the business community who supported this project. They are being joined by Vicky Topping, Susan Dickie and Peter Mead. These three are all long-term St John local supporters and well known people in our community.  Further funds are going to be managed by this charitable company to support St John and the vulnerable.


The Charitable Company has a further $250,000.00 to manage and spend:


·      $75,000 to help St John fund a replacement Health Shuttle and garaging;


·      $15,000 for a generator for the new Station;


·      $10,000 to assist with equipment for any Central Otago St John station


·      $50,000 for anyone in the community to attend health related training and maintain health related equipment.    For example: applications can be received to fund attendance at First Aid courses run by St John (which could include mental health, child first aid etc etc). Any business, school, sports club, person, group (eg. Cromwell Youth Trust) can apply for funding to attend.


Also these funds could be used to locate all AEDs in Cromwell, maintain them and provide training in how to use them.


·      $100,000 “Topping Education Scholarship Fund” to assist with training costs for anyone who wishes to become a health worker such as a nurse, doctor, paramedic, counsellor etc.  The name of the scholarship fund recognises Vicky Topping’s long term support of St John as well as Les Topping’s contribution to Lot 47 as project manager. 


A page will be created shortly with information on how to access this funding.


The remaining $331,436.88 will be shared between Cromwell Rotary and Lions Clubs with the view of funding a major project in the community or many small projects.